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I Work and it will be nice, it takes a lot of work but still shed ...


Completed !!

Now we have completed new images will still get rami and will soon reproduction.


To all departures from both cigarette smoke

Až všechno odletí jak z cigarety dým

 Jonáš 2

I can see how time flies I.


I can see how time flies II.

Memory of Afrika 2


           Where is the line is also connected I.                                       Where is the line is also connected II.                                        






















                                                Time to leave                                                                    Tomcat Fan Fán



On Pumps are Sigmund´s !

I have an unfinished something, something I have completed. (2)

I'm working on paintings, one layer dries after another, and look at how those colors shining. As soon as I finish paintings, I will show you photos.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Exhibition of paintings on the lookout 30.3.2015

Friends, reproductions of my paintings we hung out in the beautiful restaurant on the Lookout in Paseka at the Šternberk, in addition to beautiful paintings suggest a stop at the beautiful views and enjoy a good meal.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

E-shop - we are currently chaning the method of producing reproductions


We are currently using new technologies for reproduction of images.

We have brought the reproduction even nearer to the master's original. The colors are excellent and everything has a really realistic effect.

We believe that you will be excited and satisfied.

Libor Vojkůvka Team